Voice of the Customer Solutions

Accurate and relevant customer intelligence continues to be an integral part of every business strategy. At CSP, we design and develop customized programs around the objectives and the culture of each of our clients. We focus on a statistically significant number of respondents to capture your customer’s voice across a representative sample of your organization.

We’ve had proven success in partnering with our clients to build an approach that evaluates the customer experience across ALL channels and Customer Touch Points.

Our Solutions

Our solutions take into account a number of factors including the different customer channels that need to be measured; the number of customers doing business within that channel; and the customer insights that make up the survey instrument. By identifying this type of information upfront, CSP can determine the appropriate program and survey methodologies required to effectively capture the customer’s voice for each of the desired channels.

Organizational training, flexibility and ongoing support back our Voice of the Customer (VoC) solutions to ensure that you’re able to incorporate your customer intelligence into your business strategy.

We bridge the gap between thinking you know your customers to actually knowing the true voice of your customers, customizing our solutions based on your needs.

  • Web/Online surveys
  • Customer panel surveys
  • Telephone surveys

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