Why choose CSP
35+ years of CX Insights experience
Millions of Customer Satisfaction Interviews
Investigative Analytics
Transformational Expertise and Insights
Translating Associate Insights into Actions

At CSP, we’re committed to providing our clients with a clear roadmap designed to improve customer satisfaction, increase customer loyalty, and promote customer advocacy within their organization.

Improving the customer experience at every level is our collective passion. In short, we’re here to help you make a significant difference in the lives of your customers and achieve the objectives that lead to success, engagement, and profitability.


Converting excellent customer satisfaction into your organization’s most valuable asset, one that provides a clear return on your investment, starts with extensive research and analysis. Using that insight, we can then design, implement, and oversee a tailored customer experience management program that focuses on your objectives across the board.

We are a technology and expertise partner who designs customized CX programs that systematically capture feedback during key touch points in the customer and employee journeys. Through our expert data analysis and consultation, we identify the key drivers of sentiment helping you to utilize this information to drive revenue growth, improve retention and increase profitability.

  • Comprehensive program management and dedicated support
  • Detailed analysis and ongoing executive consultation
  • Dynamic “OneLink” applications that fit any survey technology solution
  • Modern and robust in-house system platform with advanced data security capabilities
  • Powerful API solutions for efficient business-to-business data transfers
  • Real-time web-based reporting with unlimited users
Video Testimonials
MUTUAL OF OMAHA BANK: Building Customer Loyalty
Where we made a difference

“We utilize CSP for two important aspects of our business:  Managing our Member Experience Program; and Managing our ongoing Manager Development, Training, and Coaching.  Our service levels to our members were consistently lower than our peers until CSP implemented their Manager Development process.  Their process is unique in that it is customized around the strengths of our culture, and it is not a one-time event, but an ongoing dialog built to create sustainable success.  Thanks to CSP’s expertise and approach, our managers embraced the training process and the results have exceeded our expectations.  Not only have our service levels increased, it has translated into a significant increase in loan production and overall sales.  Within the first three months, the program paid for itself.  We highly recommend CSP to anyone in the financial industry that is serious about improving service quality and their bottom line”

Executive Vice President

“CSP’s ‘Voice of the Customer’ research is unbeatable for assessing customer loyalty. We look for data that prompts action. That’s exactly what we get from CSP. Their ‘Voice of the Customer’ research gives us a clear picture of the attitudes and behaviors that are impacting our bottom line. CSP’s suggestions are helping us entice new customers and maintain long-term ones, thanks to a proven process that holds our people accountable for how they treat our customers. We recommend them to anyone who wants to reach the highest standards of customer service.”

President of Consumer Banking

“CSP showed us how our customers view our business. At our Bank, service is our distinction – and it is why we call ourselves The Bank that SERVICE Built. We also understand that satisfied customers buy more products and refer their friends, which helps us grow our bank and improve economic performance. It is vitally important to consistently measure our customer satisfaction and improve our customer service at all contact points. CSP helps us do both. CSP has the best solution and customer service in the marketplace. So like our referring customers, let me refer you to CSP.”

EVP of Marketing