Meet our team
MEET OUR CX Professionals

CSP is dedicated to continuously improving exceptional customer experiences.

Our expert management team oversees CSP’s Customer Experience Management Programs and Research solutions, which drives processes to understand customers’ true wants and needs through knowledge, consultation, and leadership. Meet ouur CX professionals to learn more about our unique approach.

Furthermore, driven by our mission of providing clients with a clear roadmap to improve customer service, increase customer loyalty, and promote customer advocacy, everyone at CSP strives to offer a valuable, beneficial experience to each of our clients.

We are passionate CX experts

CSP is committed to improving the customer experience and helping our clients make a difference in the lives of their customers. Therefore, we take pride in driving customer satisfaction for our clients.

President & CEO

Steve has managed CSP since 2001. Prior to joining CSP, Steve was the Vice President of Sales at Call Interactive, a division of First Data Corporation (FDC). In addition to his duties as CEO, Steve is a principal owner of CSP.

Executive Vice President

John has been with CSP since 2001 and in the sales industry for over 30 years. He is the primary contact for all Sales and Marketing inquiries, contract negotiations, as well as ongoing projects for current clients. Also, John is a principal owner of CSP.

Director of Operations

Angela has been with CSP since 1998. Her understanding of customer insights is invaluable. She supervises and manages Client Services Managers and Production staff. She also monitors current programs; taking appropriate action to ensure that CSP is delivering exceptional service and value to every client. Collaboration with internal departments concerning status, changes and enhancements to all programs are Angela’s responsibility.


Director of Research and Development

Brooks Dameier has over 20 years’ experience in designing, implementing, and consulting CSP’s survey research.  He has worked with organizations across the country to translate quantitative data into organizational development principles.  Using on-site presentations, visual and interactive reports, and one-on-one Executive coaching sessions are some of the ways Brooks delivers the customer experience insights to our clients. For the past three years as CSP’s Senior CX Consultant Brooks has worked to enhance our clients’ definition of an excellent customer  experience. As the Director of Research at CSP he’ll continue to advance their ability to achieve it.

IT Director

Scott Smith has over twenty-five years of management experience related to management of Information Technology organizations and technologies. A Nebraska native, Scott has extensive experience within the customer satisfaction and experience industry. He’s responsible for managing and overseeing CSP’s IT department’s technical infrastructure, IT staff, software development, implementations, and security risks.