Internal Department Assessment

Willingness to assist, finding resolution to a problem, acting professionally, and working in a timely manner are just a few service attributes that your customers’ experience during each interaction with your financial institution.  What about your employees’ interactions with other departments?  What happens if your frontline is unable to obtain information from another department for a customer?  What happens if an employee’s request is set aside to be handled during a less busy time, and isn’t addressed until the next day? The results of internal experiences impact your employees’ productivity, sense of value, and success, which in turn, impacts your customers.

Customer service is ultimately about people, and that includes your people.  The quality of the experience between internal departments is just as crucial to customer retention and business growth as interactions with customers. Having the right people in the right roles with the right skills and attitude will set the stage for excellent service delivery.

Just as with Voice of the Customer, it’s important to measure those department-to-department interactions so you can take necessary action. The Internal Department Assessment is an evaluation program that provides a baseline of performance across the financial institution. Our web-based survey, issued annually or semi-annually, measures the satisfaction and feedback of your employees from their regular interactions with other departments and their processes.  The data received from the completed evaluation will allow you to take action, such as implementing a rewards program, making improvements to processes, or coaching and training your employees.  These improvements empower your employees to be more successful and to grow with the organization.

The Internal Department Assessment

  • Provides a baseline of performance across the organization
  • Is completely customizable
  • Measures satisfaction and feedback of employees from their regular interactions with other departments
  • Provides actionable feedback

These improvements empower your employees to be more successful and to grow with the organization.


An important component to achieving external customer satisfaction is the ability of teams to work together internally.

Example 1:

 Problem: We discovered that certain departments and/or teams did not understand why other departments’ processes took long periods of time to complete.

Solution: We had departments sit in on each other’s team meetings to learn more about why tasks take as long as they do.

Result: Departments now understand that what was perceived as a delay, or someone “not doing their job,” was actually a new compliance process.  Departments now keep one another educated and up to date on changes that will have a broader impact.

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