Customer Insights
Mapping out winning customer journeys as unique as your organization

    At CSP, we know what constitutes a superior customer experience. We strive to improve on those key drivers using an all-encompassing approach that includes comprehensive data analysis, peer group benchmark comparisons, results consultation and coaching and training solutions. This in turn ensures consistent performance enhancement, aligning effective customer experience management with your company culture, allowing you in turn to attract more satisfied and loyal customers.

    43k New Accounts

    “The CSP model made it easy for our managers to focus on the key criteria that would lift our company’s key metrics. As a result, we added more than 43,000 new deposit accounts and 161,000 new services.”

  • Successfully pursuing and capturing the VoC

    At CSP, we know that accurate and relevant customer intelligence is an integral part of your business strategy. To that end, we make it a point to design and develop customized programs around your organization’s objectives and culture that specifically focus on a statistically significant number of respondents, and to provide you with real-time web-based reporting with unlimited users, allowing you in turn to fully capture your customer’s voice (VoC) across a representative sample – an indispensable resource that helps you get a better handle on the customer experience across all channels and customer touchpoints.


    Produced using our state-of-the-art online and mobile survey technologies, our Custom Market Research gives you a complete understanding of your relationship with your customers. Whether at a retail or commercial level, we can offer you a 360-degree view of your customer. Our assessments dive deeply into understanding and maximizing problem resolution, ultimately helping you to improve customer loyalty. Our comprehensive reporting and analysis provide benchmark indicators, allowing you to compare your key metrics to peers in your industry.


    “In the past year, 49% of consumers have left a brand due to poor customer experience.”

Employee Engagement