Insights (Customer Experience Mapping Programs)
Customer experience mapping based on valuable ongoing feedback

Using customer experience mapping

Let’s use the facts to our advantage.and the assortment of insights obtained from customer reactions. The input is collected from valid samples. Then  we’re able to put together a unique program.  The customer experience mapping program is designed to help you get a solid grasp of your customers’ interactions with your associates.  Customer Experience Mapping allows you to take action to coach and train your associates and ensure their satisfaction at every step of the customer experience journey.


  • CSP designs customized surveys for all of your digital online channels  and touch points. This includes Online and Mobile Banking; Online Account Opening; and Online Lending.  These surveys are designed to capture insights about the different aspects of the customer’s digital experience. This is part of the customer experience mapping from CSP.

  • CSP designs customized surveys and solutions for all account opening channels. This includes in-branch new account openings, online account openings, and any other account opening channel offered by your organization. The insights captured in these surveys are unique to the different types of account opening channels.  They provide our clients with actionable intelligence on the key drivers of the account opening process. These are all a part of the customer experience mapping from CSP.

  • CSP offers customized Teller surveys that gather insights from any type of teller interaction, including: in-branch tellers; drive-up tellers, and virtual tellers.  Insights gathered in these surveys will provide detailed performance and satisfaction feedback including the specific associate who handled the transaction. We fold all this information into your custom customer experience mapping.

  • The customized Contact Center surveys are designed to gather detailed feedback on all aspects of the experience with a contact center transaction, including satisfaction with important aspects like wait time, responsiveness, and professionalism. We blend this into your customer experience mapping

  • CSP’s customized Lending surveys include any type of lending channel offered to customers including Mortgage Lending, Consumer Lending, Commercial Lending, and more.  Insights into all critical areas of the lending process are covered including the lending officer, the lending process, and the loan closing experiences. These customer points of contact are part of the customer experience mapping provided to you.

  • CSP’s Business Banking Relational study provides customized surveys designed for the decision makers and owners of your Business Banking clients . Using this to provide insights on their overall relationship with the organization; their banker; and all aspects of the services they receive as a Business Banking client. Just more useful information for your customer experience mapping.

  • CSP offers multiple custom market research studies, including the CSP Index , Overall Relationship study; Brand Awareness and Positioning study; Customer Relationship Assessment; Attrition studies and many more. All of this included in your customer experience mapping.

  • Data to better manage your customer experience
  • Valuable employee performance behavior insight
  • An action plan to ensure customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • A successful customer experience strategy
Actionable data through comprehensive analysis

These days, merely getting raw data reports regarding your customer base doesn’t quite cut it. At CSP, we believe that an enhanced customer experience management program should deliver actionable data through insightful analysis. Our customer experience analytics provide you with the results you need to strengthen your incentive programs, training philosophies, organizational structure, and strategic business objectives. Our detailed analyses allow you to continuously monitor your performance levels at every step of your customer experience plan and adjust accordingly.


  • Our reporting Web site is dynamic and user-friendly at every level. A secure portal with 24/7 access provides daily results from your Customer Experience Research program and pushes proactive email notifications to designated managers in your organization, alerting them of new report activity.

    Our reporting portal provides ongoing Key Metrics such as Loyalty, Satisfaction, and Performance; as well as verbatim comments and survey feedback detail down to the employee level.


  • CSP provides enhanced benchmarking capabilities accessible in real time. Our Benchmark Analytical Reporting (BAR) Dashboard presents your total enterprise key metrics compared to your peer group benchmark as determined by asset size, region, and state.

  • Monitoring and continuous development of your customer experience program
  • 24/7 online access to raw data and reporting dashboard
  • Reports to ensure accountability and consistency across your organization
  • C-level snapshots of your enterprise’s key metrics
  • Individual associate and office performance reports
Critical insights on customer needs and behaviors

At CSP, we use extensive market research and a comprehensive approach to conduct on point-in-time analysis that allows you to thoroughly grasp your customers’ true wants and needs and to directly align them with your associates’ objectives and customer experience program.


  • Our customer experience programs outline the design and deployment of surveys using a variety of methodologies. The focus is on gathering, measuring, and interpreting customer experience feedback at every touchpoint for every channel of your enterprise. Every customer experience touchpoint must be considered in order for your business to plan for it.

  • The key to a successful customer experience program lies in the gathering of all the data accumulated up to that point. Ideally, the data gathered is both actionable and all-inclusive and needs to include real-time knowledge across significant customer satisfaction metrics that can be applied directly to specific operational and frontline areas that impact the customer experience.

  • Always know where you stand with your customers. CSP’s customer experience program allows you to have a better understanding of your status in the marketplace, and a firmer grasp on the perceptual strengths and weaknesses in your environment. This allows you in turn to maximize customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • CSP’s data analysis incorporates a number of key metrics that produce Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) such as the CSP Loyalty Index, which incorporates the results of all three loyalty metrics and uses a unique formula to produce an organization’s Loyalty Index – which provides a good indication of their customer’s level of loyalty toward their organization.

  • Statistically valid results
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Key driver analysis
  • Customer-focused educated business decisions
Standardized processes that ensure a consistent customer experience

Let’s make your company culture shine inside and out. Seamlessly, CSP seamlessly integrates a dynamic series of custom associate coaching and consultation solutions based on your evolving customer objectives and key metrics.  This is an essential, ever-changing component to providing an exceptional customer experience across the board. Our meticulously crafted  associate consultation programs consistently focus on enhancing specific behaviors that significantly uplift key drivers and invariably yield amplified customer satisfaction and unwavering loyalty.


  • Every six months, we roll up the total business data and produce an executive review of the results. A concise executive summary is then created and presented. This summary includes trending for total business key metrics, key driver trending and peer group benchmark comparisons for the key criteria, as well as key observations and consultation. Additionally, in-depth executive reviews are conducted annually which include new and updated key driver analysis, peer group comparisons of all criteria, and more extensive key observation and consultation sections.

  • CSP Manager Development & Training is a comprehensive learning program. The program helps guide change and build consistent culture throughout your organization. Unlike off-the-shelf training materials or standalone seminars, our Manager of Development & Training is fully customized to each bank’s unique Service Climate. This is supported by employee and customer feedback as well as consistent coaching designed around your needs. Your Managers will also learn how to utilize CSP’s Coaching and Training Library, STARS®, as a resource to assist in improving the performance of their teams.

  • To ensure the most effective manager development and training, CSP provides an integrated approach. Part of this approach is our Associate Training. This is a program that steers the cultural shift at the associate level. Our objective with this is two-fold: First, we work to maximize the advantages of manager-led coaching. Second, we ensure that associates understand the expectations, goals, and methods being employed to improve the organization’s service climate.

    In line with this, CSP’s Manager Development & Training program zeroes in on the managers. Specifically, it focuses on how they utilize key driver measurements to guide and lead.  This program empowers them to become effective coaches.

    Our Associate Training zeroes in on how the associates assimilate this coaching. Importantly, it guides them on how to translate this acquired knowledge into action. Consequently, through these coordinated efforts, we ensure that both managers and associates are working synergistically towards improving customer experiences.

  • On-site workshop sessions focused on best practices to convert data into action
  • High associate engagement rate that exceeds expectations
  • Engagement data revealing current strengths and opportunities
  • An integrated and strengthened internal system and workplace culture