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Omni-Channel Customer Satisfaction: 3 Channels Shaping Your Brand
27 July, 2021

When executives and directors of financial institutions think of their brand, it’s easy to think of the people who make up your organization, your core values, and the mission of your organization.

However, this internally perceived brand reputation can be very different from the way current and potential customers perceive your brand. Most notably, the various channels you use to interact with your customers have a profound impact on the way they think of your organization as a whole. Consider the following pieces when thinking about your various channels and your brand reputation.


Your branch setup and customer experiences within your branch locations are huge factors in how individuals perceive your brand. In particular, younger audiences (Millennials and Gen Z) may be looking for deeper consultation on their finances beyond basic utilities such as accounts and loans. In particular, they may be seeking out creative solutions such as budgeting tools and financial planning resources, and your financial institution’s ability and willingness to align resources can deepen your organization’s relationship with customers. Additionally, universal bankers can help create a seamless experience that makes your financial institution’s brand feel helpful and consultative.


When customers interact with your financial institution’s online account dashboard, they’re looking for a highly functional, airtight experience where they can communicate clearly, have transactional actions at their fingertips to best utilize their accounts, and ideally have additional resources such as budgeting calculators and other types of tools to improve their financial lives and help them make better sense of their finances.

Think about ways you can improve this element of your brand, particularly in terms of partnerships with FinTech organizations in order to improve your digital offerings and create a more robust relationship with your customers and their financial wellbeing. Anything you can do to help improve their financial lives in the form of budgeting, financial planning and security goes a long way toward deepening your relationship and improving your brand’s perception in their eyes.


Increasingly, mobile is becoming a primary channel of interaction between customers and their financial institutions. Ensuring your mobile app is highly functional at every touchpoint, that updates are useful and succinct, and that your layout is easy to digest and use will all go a long way toward customers’ perceptions of your brand as a whole.

Additionally, think about ways you can utilize text and chat functions to optimize customers’ mobile experiences. Quick fraud alerts can be a useful way to text with customers to ensure unusual purchases are actually theirs, and your chat function can help them address any issues that arise while they’re on the go.