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Improving Retail Experience: 3 Innovations
25 January, 2022

Customers, whether they know it or not, are incredibly demanding. Financial institutions and retailers are constantly working to gain an edge over competitors in customer experience, privy to how that edge improves their bottom line and creates a differentiated product and experience.

In that regard, retailers and points of commerce will work in 2022 to improve the transaction process through innovation, customer experience initiatives, and new technology.

Enhanced Product Information

Consumers can make more informed decisions than ever before about the products they’re purchasing. Reviews, independent blogs and usability tests on YouTube all illustrate ways customers can learn about products. Beyond this, even closer to the point of purchase, customers have access to enhanced photos, customer support, creative payment plans, greater transparency in the services they’ll receive, and customized offerings created by leveraging customer data. The world of e-commerce is more personalized than ever before.

Highly Personalized Shopping Experience

Online retailers have become very sophisticated about where their customers are in the purchase process, creating unique landing pages and more personalized customer journeys to help individual navigate their online platforms easily. Additionally, the advent of data science in the e-commerce space helps businesses understand what their customers are looking for, create customized offerings and even sell customers on the value adds that are most important to them.

Expedited Processes

Customers are now benefitting from things like one-click purchasing, pre-loaded payment options and simpler account creation by linking to their social media platforms. These various processes make purchasing easier, and have an effect on customers’ expectations of their financial institutions. Simply put, they want ease of purchases and ease of transactions. In particular, Millennials have less patience when it comes to technology that isn’t intuitive. They expect it to work right the first time, and consider the efficacy of the online platforms they’re using a reflection of the brand they’re working with.