Employee Engagement Assessment


Importance of Employee Engagement Assessments for Exceptional Customer Experiences

Identifying Key Employee Drivers

At CSP, we specialize in detailed customer journey metrics. Importantly,  We identify key drivers and strategically compare them with peer group benchmarks. Consequently, this analysis results in actionable insights. If you choose to partner with CSP, you’ll find that we offer a guiding hand, aiding you in deciding where to best allocate your resources. This strategic deployment can significantly enhance vital aspects of your business.

Using Employee Assessments Effectively

Moving forward, we pride ourselves on our expert team of research analysts. They excel in customizing results, using tools such as tabulation, regression analysis, and correlation testing. Furthermore, they focus on assessing key satisfaction drivers and performance behaviors. As a result, their comprehensive work not only guarantees customer satisfaction but also paves the way towards service quality and CX excellence.

Never Forgetting,  The Big Picture

Transitioning to our larger mission, we at CSP are deeply committed to growing our clients’ business. Utilizing our methodologies and expertise, we aim to not just deliver insights, but also to stimulate tangible improvement within your organization. The employee engagement assessment is a critical piece of this puzzle,

Finally, our focus is to enable growth through understanding, truly embodying our commitment to empowering our partners. In light of this, we strive to strengthen your position within your industry, giving you a competitive edge. By offering data analysis and consultation, we aim to provide a clear roadmap to success, filled with informed decision-making and strategic insights. Want to learn more about the impact of Employee Engagement Assessments, Click here: Learn How to Improve Employee Engagement!


Benefits of Engagement Assessments

By conducting custom surveys aligned with your customer and business objectives, CSP offers comprehensive employee engagement assessments. With actionable analysis, consultation, and a focus on leveraging existing assets, you can seize work culture change opportunities and create a thriving organizational environment.

  • Snapshot of internal structure strengths and opportunities
  • Customizable employee engagement survey
  • Insight on employee motivations and commitment
  • Actionable feedback
Where we made a difference

“BrandBank would not have achieved it’s unprecedented growth and Best-In-Class recognition without its partnership with CSP. CSP helped us hear the voice of the customer through the data, then analyzed that data to become actionable, and then followed through by designing and conducting training and development sessions to establish and maintain BrandBank’s customer-centric culture at its highest level.”


“CSP’s ‘Voice of the Customer’ research is unbeatable for assessing customer loyalty. We look for data that prompts action. That’s exactly what we get from CSP. Their ‘Voice of the Customer’ research gives us a clear picture of the attitudes and behaviors that are impacting our bottom line. CSP’s suggestions are helping us entice new customers and maintain long-term ones, thanks to a proven process that holds our people accountable for how they treat our customers. We recommend them to anyone who wants to reach the highest standards of customer service.”


“CSP showed us how our customers view our business. At United Community Bank, service is our distinction – and it is why we call ourselves The Bank that SERVICE Built. We also understand that satisfied customers buy more products and refer their friends, which helps us grow our bank and improve economic performance. It is vitally important to consistently measure our customer satisfaction and improve our customer service at all contact points. CSP helps us do both. CSP has the best solution and customer service in the marketplace. So like our referring customers, let me refer you to CSP.”