At CSP, we specialize in capturing the insights of your customers’ experiences, observations and feelings about your enterprise by developing a tailored Customer Experience Research program that fits your specific objectives, resources and culture. Our point-in-time studies and other research methodologies are flexible and customized to your organization and use a representative sample for each business channel, produce statistically significant data across your entire enterprise and ultimately provide you with relevant, powerful and impactful customer and employee data.

Our customer research solutions are backed by organizational training, flexibility and ongoing support to ensure you’re able to incorporate your customer intelligence into your business strategy.

Make your customers feel valued and more engaged when you take the time to listen and understand what they have to say.

  • CSP, the thought leader in customer experience management, has helped businesses measure and improve the customer experience for nearly 30 years.
  • We offer a holistic approach to customer experience management that includes customizing a program based on each client’s objectives and culture.
  • CSP doesn’t just gather customer experience data: we provide customer insights and key drivers that enable our clients to take action.
  • Our insightful consultation focuses on aligning your culture across your organization to ultimately create improved retention and a measurable ROI.
  • The ultimate value of CSP is providing each of our clients a roadmap to service quality excellence and moving from “thinking” to “knowing” your customer experience.

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