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5 Unique Ways to Use Automation In Banking

21 February, 2023

In light of a potentially challenging 2023 from a macroeconomic perspective, banks and credit unions should consider ways they can make their operations more efficient.

In particular, there are new and unique opportunities to automate banking from both a custom experience perspective as well as through back end operations. Automations can help deliver a consistent customer experience, utilize customer data and free up your employees’ time to focus on the core customer-facing activities that drive customer experience.

Mobile Data

The opportunity to onboard customers through your mobile app opens the door for them to make their mobile data available. Information like geo tracking, payment information and a plethora of other opportunities exist within the realm of mobile.

Make sure your organization’s mobile app leverages and utilizes existing mobile data to enhance customer experience and create a closer relationship with your customers.


Automated onboarding gets customers up and running with your financial institution quicker, eliminating any friction to starting with a new platform/institution, and instead, letting them focus on the core activities that will ultimately bring value to them.

Chatbots and AI

While chatbots have historically had mixed reviews in terms of their efficacy and their contributions to customer satisfaction, recent technological improvements in AI and its ability to deliver helpful, in-depth and logical responses to real-time questions has made this technology a game changer.

If your organization isn’t currently using chatbots, now is a great time to hop on board. Specifically, think about ways in which your human resources can be utilized more efficiently and in different ways, and make sure you have the infrastructure in place to utilize chatbots as a first wave of customer assistance.

Customized Solutions

Creating pertinent and relevant offers for your customers can largely be done automatically by processing customer data. Background information including their financial picture, age, household and geography can all influence offers that are available to them, such as mortgages and other types of loans.

Importantly, by utilizing their existing data, your organization can provide genuine value in your offers by creating truly relevant content and assistance for customers.

Embedded Finance

Embedded finance is a way for your financial institution to provide your services to other non-bank organizations, where payments options and information are automatically embedded in their app and platform. By partaking in embedded finance, your grow your footprint as a financial institution and find other ways to support partner organizations.