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5 Key Customer Experience Questions
24 August, 2021

By turning a spotlight on your organization’s customer experience strategy, you can begin to ask yourself hard questions around the efficacy of your customer experience strategy and, in turn, identify opportunities for improvement. Consider the following questions when looking for ways to improve your customer experience.

Is it Intuitive?

Consider your organization’s mobile app. How easy is it to navigate? Are there aspects multiple people have complained about not understanding? Does it need a tutorial, or can customers easily figure it out on their own? Questions such as these help not only identify weak points of your digital footprint, but also can point out areas that are functional but not yet high-performing.

This attitude applies to your organization as a whole, and questions around intuition should apply to anything from your website to the moment a customer steps inside your branch.

How Are You Deepening Your Customer Relationships?

Your organization’s ability to create unique, meaningful experiences is a huge point of differentiation and can be the difference between customer retention and attrition. Your organization should look at various customer journeys, such as opening a checking account or applying for a mortgage online, and think about ways you can make each experience easy, intuitive, and special in a way that humanizes your organization.

What Are Your Customers Like?

Understanding your customer base is essential to understanding your strengths and weaknesses as an organization, In many ways, your customers are a reflection of your organization. They choose you because they see something in your organization that reflects their needs. In this way, by truly understanding your customers, you can accentuate your strong points and better serve their needs. In particular, finding common threads among your customers, or identifying various segments of your customer base, can help you create a unique customer experience strategy tailored to each audience.

What Makes You Special As An Organization?

When marketing professionals talk about brand differentiation, they’re focused on things that make an organization unique and objectively better than their competitors. This idea of differentiation, combined with a personality to match, helps create your financial institution’s brand, and by thinking objectively about your strong points, you can often uncover who you truly are as an organization.

Accentuating your strong points often reveals the “make or break” factor that retains customers, it shows something unique you’ve done in a competitive landscape, and it creates a rallying point around which your organization fan focus and thrive.

What Are Your Weak Points?

What parts of your customer experience need the most work? Smoothing out your “edges” can be a huge differentiator. Even if your organization has 19 touchpoints that perform well for your customer experience, an abnormally bad “outlier” of a 20th touchpoint can take away from customer satisfaction as a whole.

In particular, focus on identifying and rectifying these outliers as quickly as possible to give your overall customer experience a boost and avoid pushing otherwise satisfied customers into a bad mental space.