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4 Benefits of the Universal Banker
7 December, 2017

The universal banker is a jack-of-all-trades representative who can solve a wide variety of problems for bank customers. From loans to digital services, the universal banker is highly trained to take customers through their entire interaction once they walk in the door, and this leads to the universal banker having a better understanding of the customer they’re working with. This becomes especially true when a customer needs multiple transactions or processes complete, from opening an account to learning about a new piece of personal finance technology. The universal banker grows the relationship and gains intimate exposure to the customer. Here are four key benefits of staffing universal bankers:

Resolving Issues Immediately

Immediacy of resolution is huge for customer satisfaction. Imagine the scenario: A customer calls in about a problem with their debit card, and must navigate through an automated directory. They finally get to a live representative, tell the representative their card information, and that individual ultimately decides the customer needs to be transferred to a different department. The whole process takes 45 minutes, and the customer is displeased. Does this sound familiar? Universal bankers help avoid the run-around of being transferred to different individuals – something that can happen over the phone or in a branch. The experience of having the first person a customer talks to resolve their issue is incredibly refreshing, and scores big points for new customer acquisition and existing-customer retention.

Channel Fluency

Understanding the channels of interaction with a financial institution is important, and universal bankers know how to navigate everything. They know how to navigate the mobile app, or if a customer calls and asks about the financial institution’s website, they can walk the caller through and help them understand how to navigate the site. The common theme, regardless of channel, is a solution: the customer wants to make a transaction or solve a problem, and will use the most practical channel to solve it. Whether a customer uses the mobile app or comes into a branch, they expect a similar experience of quick problem resolution and smart people to help them make smart decisions.


Banking customers are transitioning away from the need for a traditional teller to complete transactions. With the rise of digital and mobile banking, consumers are relying less on simple tasks, and looking for a strategic educator in their banking personnel. They want to be informed about personal finance tools available to them, or how to make the most of their personal accounts. A universal banker can provide strategic advice and position themselves, and the financial institution, as a reliable advice-giver and source of knowledge. 

Being Useful and Friendly

More and more, customers are looking for relationships with a banking expert. A great way to break the ice is by being useful. When a customer comes into a branch, they may be curious about a loan, interested in opening a new account, or simply trying to understand how their mobile app works. The universal banker is equipped to answer these questions, and more, and when an individual is properly trained, it opens the door for an organic relationship to occur. The universal banker can address a problem thrown at them and begin to understand the broader needs of the customer. This natural interaction puts the customer at ease and leaves them satisfied and open to building a relationship.