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30 June, 2022

Your customer experience is dictated by a large array of customer journeys and touchpoints. Each interaction your brand has with a customer is an opportunity to delight and impress, and technology now plays and part in more of those touchpoints than ever before.

Accordingly, you bank or credit union’s branch staff need to think of themselves as liaisons to the world of financial technology, both for your organization and the broader financial universe.

Consider these factors when thinking about training and education around technology for your staff.

Fluency With Your Mobile App
More than ever before, your organization’s mobile app may be the primary way your customers think of and interact with your financial institution. In that same regard, your mobile app has the biggest potential to drive customer experience, and your staff plays a key role in helping customers understand how to make the most out of it.

Regardless of how intuitive your mobile app is, your staff can help make sure customers get the most out of it by a bit of hand holding.

Make sure your staff understand the various functionalities, the most useful tools and the quirks of the app that make it potentially difficult or confusing. By knowing your app in and out, your staff can speak about it and educate in an informed way.

Staying Up-to-Date On FinTech Tools
The broader FinTech landscape has the capability to shape consumer perceptions about your organization. For example, for budgeting tools, your financial institution isn’t simply competing against other financial institutions, but may be competing against free apps/software that exists completely separate of a bank or credit union.

This broader tech landscape is already affecting consumer perceptions, where they expect the technology they interact with to be intuitive — something they can pick up and immediately be able to derive value from without a tutorial or explanation.

Make sure your staff is familiar with the broader tech landscape, particularly for existing technology that your organization is looking to adopt. By making sure they understand concepts like blockchain, budgeting tools and Buy Now Pay Later, you can ensure they speak and understanding the increasingly tech-fluent language of the modern consumer.

Understanding Their Unique Role
If there is a single Achilles Heel of technology and transitions toward AI and automation, it’s customer concerns around the ability to have a real person address their complex and individual business issues.

Your bank staff is uniquely positioned to help address these complex problems, and the power they wield can be a key differentiator in terms of customer experience. As we highlighted, understanding your organization’s technology as well as the broader tech landscape will help them drive customer experience and differentiate your brand.

Additionally, your staff should think of themselves as observers and reporters, identifying shortcomings in your organization’s automated processes and communicating those solutions to your team to help rectify the issue.