Transform Your Social Media’s Role

Your financial institution’s social media strategy may feel inconsequential. After, all, if every organization has a social media account, aren’t infrequent posts enough to get by?

While this type of thinking can be alluring, the reality is that if you aren’t taking your social media strategy seriously, you are leaving money on the table and customers out in the cold. Think about ways you can use your social media not as simply a message board, but as a way to drive sales, develop your brand and acquire customers.

One-Way Promotions to Two-Way Communication

Think of posts not just as a message board, but as the beginning of a conversation. When your customers posts responses, follow up with them, whether good or bad. By addressing shortcomings and celebrating positive feedback from customers on your social media posts, your organization is winning by become real, approachable, interactive, and gaining the intrinsic qualities of a person, rather than a lifeless organization.

In particular, when dealing with negative feedback, address concerns with your customer in the post, and then follow up in direct messages to help address their concerns. Escalating the issue at hand and working toward a resolution shows your organization will go above and beyond for your customers, and other customers will take note.

From Information to Personality

Rather than simply trying to communicate information in a sterile, matter-of-fact tone, think about how your social media accounts can bring life into your posts. Consider the following when thinking about your brand’s “voice”:

  • Who is your target? By thinking about your target market, you can tailor your brand’s voice around that. By focusing on younger Gen Z and Millennial consumers, adopting an exceedingly informal tone may benefit you. Maybe you have a niche audience or industry you’re targeting. Keep these things in mind to help develop your brand’s identity.
  • What is your strength? Your brand’s social media presence should always play to your strengths. Think about what you do well, and put that message on full blast.
  • Create comprehensive marketing. Most importantly, be consistent! Across your different marketing materials and social media accounts, having consistent branding and tone will help establish your brand and make you memorable.

Transition From Advertiser to Marketplace

Current and potential customers should be able to take action on your social media accounts, including direct links to create an account or easily access their own. Think about the way you incorporate landing pages into your posts. In particular, if you are promoting a product or service, give clear instructions, provide linking to the next step and make sure that process is easy and intuitive from end to end. This sales funnel can be incredibly effective when it functions correctly, and putting attention into details will reap rewards for your financial institution.

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