Get Out of Your Customers’ Way

It might sound like an oversimplification, but sometimes the best customer experience is the one the customer doesn’t realize they’re having. Customers are increasing their interaction with financial institutions through digital platforms, and in order to enhance that experience, your organization should streamline online activities so customers can easily and conveniently interact with your financial institution.

Provide Free, Customizable Tools

Customers need to be able to use the tools you provide for them, such as budgeting software, retirement planning and how they organize their savings buckets. However, they way your organization sets up your tools may be different from how your customers want to use them. Think about if your tools may be too “rigid” in their application, and how they can allow for customers to use your tools the way they want.

As an example, customers may want to be able to categorize different types of food purchases, such as separating drinks at happy hour from a dinner out with the family, even though both would typically fall under “Food and Dining.” Providing the customization ensures that your customers will be able to use your budgeting tools (in this example) in a way that is meaningful to them and the way they think about their expenses. Think about how you can set up your tools to allow for flexibility and a tailored approach.

Keep Promotions As Targeted As Possible

Promotions can be a tricky thing. On one hand, you want to utilize your customer data and your platform to promote new products and drive sales as much as possible. On the other hand, you don’t want to jade the overall customer experience by making your digital interface feel like a clickbait website full of pop-up windows and banner ads.

Pick your marketing opportunities wisely, make sure they’re non-abrasive (ie make sure they don’t interfere with online banking activities), and most importantly, make them relevant. The more accurately you can use your customers’ data to give them timely, relevant ads and promotions, the more likely they are to find utility in what you have to offer.

Encourage Digital Engagement

Get your customers to engage with your digital platform as much as possible. By creating an easy-to-use, streamlined app and online banking platform, you can remove the friction from your customers’ experience and enhance their utility of your dashboard. Think about ways you can make every task as simple as possible – from making mobile deposits to creating a new account. Similarly, anticipate ways your customers might get more utility out of your platform. Can you waive certain ATM and overdraft fees? Can you pre-approve them for new accounts without a waiting period? Anticipate your customers’ needs, then make achieving them as easy as possible.

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