3 Ways to Apply Value to Your Technology

The true value in your technology lies in its impact on customers’ lives. Investments without a clear customer experience goal might dilute the value you offer and put your efforts at risk.

In 2023, aim to start with the end in mind. Craft your technology around the values you aspire to uphold as an organization, and the ways you plan to enhance your customers’ financial position.

Crafting Pathways for Digital Enhancement- Adds Value in Your Technology

Incorporate digital improvement into your business regular activities. Every employee should consider customers’ experiences with your technology and seek ways to enhance these experiences. Ideally, finance executives should establish a continuous process of adding value to your technology. This process might include:


Regularly assess the performance of various digital channels, always seeking ways to improve.


Implement routine exploration procedures to discover how new technology can enrich your digital offerings.


Invest in making your branch employees conversant with your digital offerings. Help them perceive the customer’s in-branch experience and your digital platform as a cohesive interaction with your organization and brand.

Lending a Helping Hand

Supporting customers through challenging times or confusing macro-economic events shows your commitment to going the extra mile. Consider these steps as opportunities to assist your customers and set yourself apart:

Proactive Communication:

Think about how your organization can share information related to unemployment benefits, government relief programs, or new initiatives aimed at assisting customers during economic turbulence. This approach adds value to your technology.


Aim to boost your digital chat and phone support while customers rely heavily on your digital platforms. Show your accountability and readiness to assist customers in difficult times.

Prioritizing Customer Experience-Adds Value in Your Technology

When contemplating a feature to add to your digital platform, think critically about its impact on your customers. All too often, cost-saving automation measures disregard the customer. The new technology is rushed in without a comprehensive review of customer usability. By keeping your customers at the forefront, you address the “why” behind your digital platform. When you receive customer feedback, you can see the value in your technology

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