Understanding Your Brand Experience

While you probably think of your financial institution as a combination of services, digital products and the individuals who make up your organization, your customers view your organization as a brand. They think comprehensively about their experience with your organization, and diverse pieces of your business, such as your mobile deposit, their debit card, and a universal banker at all local branch, all combine in their minds to create a comprehensive brand experience.

Think about these different pieces when you think about the brand of your bank or credit union, and how you can leverage your brand perception to improve customer experience.


When customers interact with your organization, there should be continuity between the different facets. Think about the way you present yourself, the values you want to deliver on, the way you communicate with your customers, and perhaps most importantly, the way you can seamlessly communicate with customers from one touchpoint to the next.

For example, if they make an inquiry on their mobile banking app, a branch teller should be able to easily access that inquiry and understand any questions or issues the customer is having. Similarly, if something comes up on online chat, a branch teller should be able to understood what happened during that conversation, and the resolution.

Giving a comprehensive and consistent experience makes your organization predictable, which is a source of comfort and familiarity for customers, and will help drive home your organization’s identity.


Using a consistent voice in your online copy, your branch’s universal bankers and your promotional materials will help give your brand a human-like identity that will make you feel recognizable and distinct.

Think about the way you’re already presenting your organization — what are your biggest strengths? For example, if your financial institution thrives with millennials, you may want to adopt a more informal voice to help resonate with an exceedingly informal demographic. On the other hand, a more formal approach may make sense for high-end customers who value security above all else.

Consider the way you want to present yourself as an organization, and make sure this type of communication is consistent throughout your organization.

Unique Value Proposition

One of the most important pieces of your brand is the thing that you do best. Likely, there are many services you consider yourself on-par compared to other brands, but have a few aspects of your business where you truly excel. Identifying what those are can be key, because they truly make you special, are likely reasons why your customers choose to work with you in the first place, and should be at the forefront of your promotion.

Consider evaluating your organization and identifying your top one or two features that set you apart from the pack, and use that as the primary building block around which you construct your brand’s identity.

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