In-Person Drivers of Mobile: 4 Ways Your Staff Can Help Your App

Staff Influence Mobile Usage.  Mobile interactions are now the most common form of interaction customers have with their financial institutions. Many customers still cite in-branch experiences as their favorite way to interact with their financial institutions. The ability to talk with a human, address issues and learn in-person are still important to the customers.

With this in mind, your customers’ person-to-person interactions are a great opportunity for your staff influence on mobile usage.   educate and inform about your mobile app. Consider the following ways your tellers and branch staff can make an impact on your digital tools.

Make Them Aware

Your branch staff should regularly talk about your mobile app with knowledge and enthusiasm. Your staff influence mobile usage by showing customers how those same tasks done in person can be performed via your mobile banking app.

Answer Questions

Your branch staff should be armed with information to inform and guide the use of your app. Make sure you hold regular training sessions to ensure your staff understand the intricacies of your mobile app. Review how to perform more complex tasks so they can teach those to your customers.

Learn About Customers

Your staff should use personal interactions as an opportunity to learn about customer preferences. They should be trained to listen to your customers and how they use your mobile banking app. Understanding their favorite features, along with pain points, can help direct and determine focal points for your development team. Your staff influence mobile usage.

Improve Omni-Channel Experience

One of the unique perspectives universal bankers have is the way your organization’s digital tools function with on another. Their view into the omni-channel experience is unique. They help customers navigate platforms and are able to see how well their information translates from one platform to the next.

In particular, your customer-facing staff can help your organization identify errors or gaps in your technology, specifically where customer information repeatedly fails to translate from one platform to the next. Make sure you empower these individuals to improve your company by creating a system to report errors and actively address these areas of need.

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