3 Hybrid Banking Trends
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3 Hybrid Banking Trends

21 February, 2023

3 Hybrid Banking Trends That Will Improve Your Customer Experiences and Build Strong Customer Reviews.

Financial institution executives constantly evaluate the efficacy of human interaction versus digital offerings. Both have unique advantages and blending the two forms of communication can enhance the customer experience. Let’s explore 3 hybrid banking trends in communication that merge human and digital touch points for optimal customer experiences.

Human Touch Solves Complex Situations

Customers facing particularly frustrating issues risk developing a negative opinion of your brand. Usually, account problems, significant financial issues, or any complex technology issues that don’t get quick resolutions require a human touch. In your 3 hybrid banking trends model, consider human interactions as a valuable tool for complex situations. If tech-enabled options fail, a human can step in. Ensuring that customers can reach a human representative, especially during escalation, can prevent customer loss due to unresolved negative experiences.

Self-Service Excels in Straightforward Scenarios 

A lot of consumers prefer self-service, especially for straightforward questions about accounts and technology. FAQs, tutorials, informational pages, and increasingly sophisticated chatbots offer valuable solutions to everyday problems. Encourage customers to use these resources to optimize the 3 hybrid banking trends as they apply to customer experience.

Video Communication Bridges the Gap

Scheduled video interviews offer a popular choice for human interactions. These interviews not only avoid waiting times but also provide the personal touch of a human, all from the convenience of one’s home. Many customers express dissatisfaction with long wait times, especially when they feel that a customer service representative is their only problem-solving option. For complex account problems or offerings that require consultation, such as business loans, your organization can greatly benefit from scheduled, human-facing video calls. This approach combines the best of human interaction and digital convenience, truly embodying the hybrid customer experience now.