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5 Customer Experience Resolutions You Can Make in 2015

December 31, 2014


new years resolutions for customer experienceIt’s that time of year again – as the calendar creeps up on the end of December, our thoughts traditionally turn towards the coming year and the opportunities it may hold. It’s a time for reflecting on goals and progress towards those goals, recognizing how far we’ve come, and looking for ways to improve.

Once you’ve decided on what you’d like to achieve personally in 2015, turn that lens on your customers and make some resolutions in the interest of their experience.

1. Embrace Data.

Every interaction a customer has with your business produces valuable information on the key drivers that directly influence the customer experience. Don’t be afraid of it – instead, commit to trying to understand it better. The voice of the customer can be interpreted through the language of analytics.

2. Get Personal.

Personalization is important in an age when customers can customize practically anything. It also means being responsive to the diversity among your customers across multiple demographics. Personalization makes for a more relevant experience, which leads to loyalty and referrals.

3. Adopt an Omnichannel State of Mind.

Speaking of personalization, one thing customers are likely to modify to their own preferences is the combination of channels on which they engage with your brand. Three customers with complaints will go to three different places to air those complaints – maybe one takes to Twitter, one fills out the Contact Us form on your website, and one phones your call center. Are you ready to meet them wherever they find you?

4. Tune Up Your Training.

Training is one of those ongoing goals that can never really be checked off the list, because there’s always room for improvements, updates, new ideas, and feedback. Keep your methods and materials current and relevant, and don’t let educational opportunities pass you by. Consider asking representatives for their input on the effectiveness of your training and what they’d like to see improved.

5. Smooth Out the Seams.

As customers move between the different platforms and channels that connect them to your business, they expect that movement to be free and unencumbered. Seamlessness is the holy grail of the new omnichannel school of thought. Use regular reporting and up-to-date information to identify areas of success and struggle, and be proactive with that knowledge.

Above All: Adapt.

The biggest challenge customer experience managers face is the constant churn of trends, innovations, competition, and news, and evolving customer expectations in the technology world, which is more and more enmeshed with CX by way of data, mobile, social, and online channels. It’s exhausting to keep up with, but they wouldn’t be called resolutions if they didn’t require some resolve.


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