Market research is an essential part of gathering customer intelligence.Both market-specific studies and individual assessments can provide valuable information and insight for making strategic business decisions. We have extensive experience in market research and a comprehensive approach on point-in-time assessments. Focusing on providing statistically valid results, industry benchmarking, and key driver analyses that include overall customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy is what we do. Our assessments provide you with information you can use to make educated business decisions on how to improve your customer experience.

Customer Relationship Assessments

Customer Relationship Assessments give you an understanding of your complete relationship with your customers. Whether at a retail or commercial level, we can offer you a 360 degree view of your customer. Our assessments dive deeply into understanding and maximizing problem resolution, ultimately improving customer loyalty. The comprehensive reporting and analysis includes national and regional benchmarking so you’re able to compare your key metrics to peers in your industry. Additionally, individual employee scorecards are available as a tool to coach and train your employees on specific sales and service behaviors.

Customer Attrition and Retention Assessments

It costs more to get a new customer than to keep an existing one. When a customer is lost, it’s important to understand why that customer was driven to end their relationships with your business. Our attrition and retention assessments provide a window into the customer relationship that ultimately helps our clients improve their retention rates. We define the controllable factors vs. non-controllable factors and provide benchmarking data so you can focus on workable solutions to reduce customer attrition.

Brand Awareness Study

We know you’re committed to providing the most favorable customer environment, maximizing satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy. To assist in obtaining those goals, we provide market intelligence that delivers aided and unaided awareness positioning, a view of your current status in the marketplace, and an understanding of the perceptual strengths and weaknesses in your environment.

Commercial Account Prospecting (CAPs)

New business acquisitions are a strategic part of growing a company, but they can be expensive. Our program provides you with a customized database of small business and commercial prospects that delivers practical business intelligence. This database includes detailed profiles of prospects that are designed to increase efficiencies related to new business acquisitions and provide an immediate revenue stream. New business opportunities generated from CAPs produce a healthy ROI.

Internal Service Assessment

Understanding key drivers of internal service delivery and how departments serve each other is essential for you and your management team. Our Internal Service Assessment delivers a program with quick and easy web-based employee surveys and timely results by department. This program gives you an in-depth look at employee attitudes and behaviors along with what is driving internal service delivery. This allows you to build more satisfaction within your workforce and create a domino effect that leads to higher employee retention and an improved customer experience.

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