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Voice of the Employee

Customer engagement and superior customer service start from within. If the internal culture of your financial institution is misaligned, then the impact on your customers is direct and immediate.  Inefficient processes, gaps in information and communication, and employees who are just going through the motions are all symptoms of an unhealthy internal culture that needs attention.  If these symptoms aren’t addressed effectively, they are likely to spread and affect your customers.

At CSP, we understand that internal processes can hamper productivity, communication gaps happen, and employees can become disengaged.  These symptoms can be remedied through our simple and customizable Voice of the Employee solutions.

Our Employee Engagement Assessment and Internal Department Assessment give you the necessary measurements and insights to improve employee development and cross-departmental interactions. Not only will you see actionable data detailing your employees’ perspectives and experiences, but through expert consultation and our optional analytics, we also help you understand the key drivers of internal engagement and service delivery.

Check out our blog post featured by influential Customer Experience speaker and teacher Shep Hyken as a guest blog in August 2016; Left Brain, Right Brain: Aligning Internal Culture and Customer Analytics.

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