Manager Development Creates Manager Empowerment.

Manager Development & Training

CSP Manager Development & Training is a comprehensive learning program that helps guide change and build consistent culture throughout your organization. Unlike off-the-shelf training materials or standalone seminars, our Manager Development & Training is fully customized to each bank’s unique Service Climate and is supported by employee and customer feedback as well as consistent coaching designed around your needs.

We Empower Managers to Nurture Development

Designed around data, your unique learning program will consist of coaching managers on the specific behaviors that improve key drivers of both your employees’ engagement and your customers’ satisfaction.  Throughout this program, change management techniques are reinforced from the top down to ensure a successful integration.

  • On-site workshop sessions and materials highlight best practices for moving information into action
  • Monthly check-ins and regular refreshers provide ongoing support and accountability
  • One-on-one coaching is available to further empower leaders to nurture their team’s growth

We Measure Key Drivers of Employee Engagement and Internal Departmental Communication

We begin with a simple survey that evaluates common attributes that influence the level of emotional motivation, commitment, and connectedness your employees feel about their workplace. This data forms the foundation of your ongoing coaching and development program.

  • Highly engaged employees are more likely to deliver their best work and exceed expectations
  • High employee engagement reduces workforce churn and improves overall morale
  • Engagement data reveals current strengths and opportunities for positive change
  • Capturing this data takes intangible motivators and turns them into markers for progress and success.

This Isn’t Just Another Corporate Leadership Seminar.

CSP Manager Development is focused on developing a strong climate that is ready for service and focuses on a consistent, comprehensive, and customized approach. It is the perfect complement to our Voice of the Customer and Competitive Benchmarking solutions, completing the cycle of success by aligning customers, employees, managers, and data.

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