Coaching for Employee Engagement

Employee Training

For banks and credit unions that want to make the most of their manager development and training, CSP Employee Training is a complementary program that guides the process of cultural change at the employee level. The objective of this offering is to maximize the benefit of manager-led coaching by ensuring that employees understand the expectations, goals, and methods being used to improve the organization’s service climate. While CSP’s Manager Development & Training program targets managers and how they use key driver measurements to lead and coach, Employee Training focuses on how employees receive that coaching and turn it into action.

Empowering Employees to Embrace Change

The program begins with an assessment of your organization’s needs. CSP finds out what criteria or priorities you are currently holding your employees accountable to, and what criteria you intend to prioritize moving forward. We then evaluate the best ways for CSP to integrate with your current workplace culture – for example, aligning with an existing incentive program, incorporating your mission and vision statements, and utilizing any training materials or programs already in place.  The goal of this program is to integrate and strengthen your internal system, not to exist as an add-on or standalone service.

To achieve this, CSP provides your employees with a thorough walk-through of our process and methodologies. This important step allows employees to:

  • review the survey on which their performance and engagement will be evaluated;
  • know how CSP collects employee data and who will evaluate that information;
  • learn how to access their unique results and outline their responsibilities to that data; and
  • ask any additional questions they need answers to in order to feel comfortable.

This process is intentionally transparent and designed to build confidence in the process by proactively involving employees in their own engagement, as opposed to a top-down dictation of expectations and goals.  

The Power of Positivity

Throughout this orientation and continued training relationship, CSP emphasizes a positive coaching model. The success of this program relies on employees seeing us as partners whose role is to “catch” them doing well and encourage them to nurture their own development – and not to focus on negative behaviors or deficits.

We strive to maintain this level of transparency in our relationships with each client. Not only are your organization’s unique needs and expectations built into the core of your program, but we keep the lines of communication open in both directions. Should you need to bring an issue to our attention – for example, an evaluation that appears to have been assigned to the wrong employee – you have direct access to our staff to address the issue as soon as possible.

CSP’s insights into the relationship between employee engagement and customer experience are informed by nearly 30 years of working closely with banks to turn research into results.

CSP Employee Training is consistent, comprehensive, and customized to your climate. It is the perfect complement to our Manager Development & Training and Voice of the Customer solutions, completing the cycle of success by aligning customers, employees, managers, and data.

To learn more about Employee Training or other programs we offer, contact us today!

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