Employee Engagement Program
A platform that puts employee engagement #1

We at CSP firmly believe that the right data is the key base for any plan aiming to enhance the employee experience.

Making Informed Choices

Making choices based on solid facts, instead of personal views or stories you’ve heard from other managers, sets you on the right path towards bringing about positive change.

Seeing the Full Scope

Our Voice of the Employee (VoE) program helps you achieve exactly that. It gives you a clearer view of several factors within your company’s internal structure. This enables you to take direct steps, such as quick fixes, addressing urgent issues, opening up opportunities for big changes, and overcoming hurdles caused by lack of resources.


  • Collecting data from your employees is an excellent method to gauge their engagement and the value they contribute daily. Our employee engagement evaluation tool takes into account specific details of your work areas, managers, and supervisors, as well as the name of your organization.

  • How’s It Going?

    Our internal department review is a tool that sets a performance standard across your company.

    Time to Act!

    Our online survey captures how satisfied your employees are and gets their feedback from everyday dealings with other departments and their processes. The information collected from the finished review allows you to take steps. For instance, you might start a rewards program, make better processes, or coach and train your staff. These changes boost your employees, helping them succeed and grow with the company.

  • Actionable insight that provides a better grasp of employee satisfaction
  • Relevant and impactful employee data
  • Multi-level, organizational analysis
  • Individual employee scores
Actionable data through comprehensive analysis

Insightful analysis is the key to employee engagement. Our employee satisfaction analytics provide you with results that can be used to strengthen your incentive programs, training philosophies, organizational structure, and strategic business objectives. Our detailed analyses allow you to continuously monitor employee performance levels and adjust accordingly.


  • Our reporting Web site is dynamic and user-friendly at every level. A secure portal with 24/7 access provides daily results from your employee satisfaction program and pushes proactive email notifications to designated managers in your organizations, alerting them of new report activity.

  • CSP provides enhanced benchmarking capabilities accessible in real time. Our Benchmark Analytical Reporting (BAR) Dashboard presents your total enterprise key metrics compared to your peer group benchmark as determined by asset size, region, and state.

  • Every six months, we roll up the total enterprise data and produce an executive review of the results. A concise executive summary is then developed and presented. This summary includes trending for total enterprise key metrics, key driver trending and peer group benchmark comparisons for the key criteria, as well as key observations and consultation. In-depth executive reviews are conducted annually which include new and updated key driver analysis, peer group comparisons of all criteria, and more extensive key observation and consultation sections.

  • Continuous monitoring of your employee engagement
  • 24/7 online access to raw data and reporting dashboard
  • Reports to ensure accountability and consistency across your organization
  • Individual associate and office performance reports
Key insights to improve employee engagement

Our Voice of the Employee analyses give you the necessary measurements and insights you need to improve employee development and cross-departmental interactions. Not only will you see actionable data detailing your employees’ perspectives and experiences, but through our optional analytics, we also help you understand the key drivers of internal engagement and service delivery.


  • Go beyond annual team performance reviews and objectives. No business can expect to grow and achieve sustainable success without an engaged workforce. Our Voice of the Employee program allows you to get a solid understanding of the factors that outline the relationship between customer service and satisfaction, knowing that customer experience is nurtured from the inside out, and relies heavily on competent, well-trained, and highly motivated employees.

  • Getting actionable data surrounding your company’s reputation is a key factor in determining the quality of applicants for your open positions, be they external or internal applicants. Our Voice of the Employee program helps you ensure that you are doing the all the right things to keep your employees feeling fulfilled. Any worthy candidate will see this as extra incentive to join your team.

  • Our Voice of the Employee program allows you to go beyond tangible benefits and compensation and get a feel for your workforce’s emotional investment in terms of your company’s success. How employees feel about their jobs, managers, workload and hours, combined with the company’s mission and the quality of the product or service, makes the difference between a job that looks good on paper and one that is actually satisfying.

  • Keep on top of employee engagement levels. At CSP, we understand that the highest-engaged employees are the least likely to look for or take other employment opportunities that come their way. Naturally, it follows that those who are the least engaged are also the least committed to staying on the team. Our Voice of the Employee program allows you to know where your employees stand when it comes to their engagement levels and adjust accordingly.

  • Positive change opportunities
  • Insight on employee emotional motivation, commitment, and connectedness
  • Actionable employee feedback
  • Organizational performance snapshot
Processes to ensure your employees are always engaged

Let’s make your company culture shine inside and out. CSP provides a series of custom associate coaching and consultation solutions based on your employee motivation objectives and key metrics. Our proven associate consultation programs focus on specific behaviors that improve key drivers within your organization and result in increased employee engagement.


  • Let’s empower managers to nurture development. Our comprehensive Manager Development & Training learning program helps to embrace change and build consistent culture throughout your organization. Unlike off-the-shelf training materials or standalone seminars, our Manager Development & Training is fully customized to your enterprise’s unique culture and is supported by employee feedback as well as consistent coaching designed around your needs.

    Our custom learning programs consist of coaching managers on the specific behaviors that improve key drivers of your associates’ engagement. Change management techniques are reinforced from the top down to ensure a successful integration.

  • Make the most out of your manager development and training. CSP’s Associate Training is a complementary program that guides the process of cultural change at the associate level. The idea is to maximize the benefit of manager-led coaching by ensuring that associates understand the expectations, goals, and methods being used to improve the organization’s culture. While CSP’s Manager Development & Training program targets managers and how they use key driver measurements to lead and coach, Associate Training focuses on how associates receive that coaching and turn it into action.

  • On-site workshop sessions focused on best practices to convert data into action
  • High associate engagement rate that exceeds expectations
  • Engagement data revealing current strengths and opportunities for positive change
  • An integrated and strengthened internal system and workplace culture