“BrandBank would not have achieved it’s unprecedented growth and Best-In-Class recognition without its partnership with CSP.”

Towanna Johnson
Vice President Retail Sales & Service Manager, BrandBank

We encourage you to read for yourself why CSP is so easy to work with and why our services help our clients achieve their objectives. Our ability to integrate a customer satisfaction process and to efficiently manage this process day-to-day is part of our service commitment to you.


Towanna Johnson, Vice President Retail Sales & Service Manager

“BrandBank would not have achieved it’s unprecedented growth and Best-In-Class recognition without its partnership with CSP. CSP helped us hear the voice of the customer through the data, then analyzed that data to become actionable, and then followed through by designing and conducting training and development sessions to establish and maintain BrandBank’s customer-centric culture at its highest level”


Jeff Kraus, Treasurer

“BrandBank is 112 years old. For the first 107 years, we only grew our demand deposits $152 million. Since partnering with CSP just five years ago, we have grown demand deposits over $215 million.”

“Our ROE was over 18% last year, almost 300 basis points above our peer group over that same period of time.”

“Over the last five years working with CSP, our compound annual growth rate for demand deposits has been over almost 19%, while our peer group has been over just 14%.”

“Before partnering with CSP, we were only tracking about 3 services per customer. Since partnering with CSP, we’re now sitting at about 4.5 services per customer, proving that service-first initiatives are making a difference for BrandBank.”

“Since partnering with CSP, it seems like every month we’re breaking another record or reaching a goal we’ve never reached before at BrandBank.”

“Partnering with CSP has been a win-win for everyone: our customers, our employees, our shareholders, and our directors.’”

Sterling National Bank

Brian Edwards, President of Consumer Banking, Sterling National Bank

“CSP’s ‘Voice of the Customer’ research is unbeatable for assessing customer loyalty. We look for data that prompts action. That’s exactly what we get from CSP. Their ‘Voice of the Customer’ research gives us a clear picture of the attitudes and behaviors that are impacting our bottom line. CSP’s suggestions are helping us entice new customers and maintain long-term ones, thanks to a proven process that holds our people accountable for how they treat our customers. We recommend them to anyone who wants to reach the highest standards of customer service.”

Centris Federal Credit Union

Ann Helm, Senior Vice President

“We utilize CSP for two important aspects of our business:  Managing our Member Experience Program; and Managing our ongoing Manager Development, Training, and Coaching.  Our service levels to our members were consistently lower than our peers until CSP implemented their Manager Development process.  Their process is unique in that it is customized around the strengths of our culture, and it is not a one-time event, but an ongoing dialog built to create sustainable success.  Thanks to CSP’s expertise and approach, our managers embraced the training process and the results have exceeded our expectations.  Not only have our service levels increased, it has translated into a significant increase in loan production and overall sales.  Within the first three months, the program paid for itself.  We highly recommend CSP to anyone in the financial industry that is serious about improving service quality and their bottom line”

United Community Bank

Craig Metz, EVP of Marketing

“CSP showed us how our customers view our business. At United Community Bank, service is our distinction – and it is why we call ourselves The Bank that SERVICE Built. We also understand that satisfied customers buy more products and refer their friends, which helps us grow our bank and improve economic performance. It is vitally important to consistently measure our customer satisfaction and improve our customer service at all contact points. CSP helps us do both. CSP has the best solution and customer service in the marketplace. So like our referring customers, let me refer you to CSP.”

Fairfield County Bank

William DeMichiel, Senior Vice President, Sales Management

“Fairfield County Bank’s commitment to providing clients with outstanding service is one of our most important core values. With the assistance of our partner, CSP, we regularly monitor our customers’ service quality experience and look for ways to improve our delivery. Their customer-based methodology is a proven system for measuring feedback. We utilize mystery shops, post-episodic surveys and loyalty studies to gather the service quality data we need to coach and develop our financial service professionals. In addition to the service quality data we receive, our branch managers regularly use the STARS program materials developed by CSP to help with employee development. We are quite pleased with the support we receive from the CSP team, and look forward to our continued association “

Zions Bank

Cristie Richards, Senior Vice President

“CSP helped us increase our customer advocacy, which led to a boost in profits. We want our customers to have a positive perception of our business. That means we make every effort to promote loyalty, not only with our client base but with our employees as well. That’s where CSP comes in. They’ve identified and prioritized the key drivers that can predict customer loyalty and advocacy. Those qualities attract new customers who talk to their friends and neighbors about us. The more customer advocates we develop, the more profitable we become “


Richard Fairey, President & Chief Operating Officer

“If you put the customer first, you can’t go wrong. You just have to make sure you do that consistently. If you can’t provide the the service to begin with, it’s hard to really have a true solution conversation. You don’t earn the right to ask for the business unless you earn the right on the service standpoint. To me, if you asked each other how good you are – maybe you are not asking the right people. You need to ask the people who continue to do business with you.”

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