Etiquette, engagement, and communication: Keys to a successful Call Center

Call Center Training

The main objective of CSP’s Call Center Training program is to empower Call Center employees to learn and perform the ingredients for a successful interaction. Call Center Training provides Call Center agents the abilities to master the art of telephone customer service.  This training builds upon the current skills of your Call Center agents while reinforcing consistent demonstration of the basics of etiquette, engagement, and communication.  The result of this training program will be an improved customer experience and increased customer loyalty.

Your Call Center Training program is customized to incorporate the results of your customer experience data and align your employee and customer expectations for both services and sales. The program focuses on generating results and includes change management techniques that fit the demands of your Call Center.

Our recommendations for Call Center Training include:

  • Employee Engagement and Service Climate Assessments
  • DiSC® Workstyle Assessments
  • Interactive and collaborative sessions covering:
    • Proper communications and listening skills
    • Telephone etiquette
    • Creating customer engagement
    • Best Practices for After-Call-Work (ACW)
    • Best Practices for Average Handle Time (AHT)
    • The impacts of positive customer interactions
    • Basic internal procedures and guidelines
  • How to hold yourself and others accountable

Your Call Center is one of your most important customer touchpoints. The behavior and skills of your Call Center agents have a direct and lasting impact on the customer experience. CSP’s Call Center Training supports the best possible Call Center experience for both service and sales.

To learn more about this or other training programs offered by CSP, contact us today!

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