“BrandBank is 112 years old. For the first 107 years, we only grew our demand deposits $152 million. Since partnering with CSP just five years ago, we have grown demand deposits over $215 million.”

Jeff Kraus
Treasurer, BrandBank

Customer Experience Analysis

Our strength lies in our ability to provide our clients intelligent and actionable analysis. Our research analysts tabulate, run regression and correlation analysis testing, analyze, and identify key satisfaction drivers and key performance behaviors that predict customer satisfaction.

Annually, we develop and present an onReview Executive Summary that summarizes all key metrics, rolls up the data across the total institution, and includes data tables that promote action. Specifically, Best-in-Class Comparisons and Key Driver Analysis are provided each year to compare your results to those of other clients in your peer group. This is done in addition to the identification of key satisfaction drivers and key performance behaviors that best predict a customer’s satisfaction with the overall performance of an employee. After six months, we develop and present our onTrack Executive Summary, designed to review your results and determine if they are tracking positively and showing improvement.

Each quarter, we provide a rolling six-month snapshot of all your key metrics. This includes your Customer Loyalty Index, Net Promoter Score℠, and Overall Customer Experience score. Scores for all key metrics are compared to our benchmark data for each asset category so that you can clearly compare the trending of your key metrics with that of your peers. Below is an example of one of these snapshots.

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