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Assessment Study Reporting
CSP has developed a robust, comprehensive reporting mechanism for its periodic point-in-time assessment studies. These include research such as:

Customer/Commercial Relationship Assessments
Closed Account/Relationship Assessments
Competitive Studies
Brand Awareness Studies

In addition to complete data files and comprehensive tabular results for each region, PowerPoint reports would be prepared to visually present key findings and to track findings over time and relative to competition and CSP’s Benchmark norms. Separate reports can be generated for each of your institutions regions, as well as an overall summary considering the corporate footprint. Appropriate statistical testing would be employed to identify where significant differences exist between the institution and competition and national norms, as well as where significant changes are occurring over time.

CSP uses regression analysis to identify specific rating variables that are, in combination, most predictive of the desired outcomes of high customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy. Appropriate statistical testing will be completed to isolate those factors that deserve the closest attention in moving the bar for these key customer attitudes.

In addition to simply reporting results, CSP will carry the process further and consult with management on how to address areas needing attention and to assist the field in making sense of the findings and actually using the findings to effect change and improvement. CSP will be your partner in formulating and integrating the necessary strategies of all measurement processes in place to further enhance the overall customer experience.

Cross-tabulation reports, a Narrative Summary and an accompanying Tables & Graphs document illustrate findings for each region and in total. Sample pages from a Tables & Graphs document are provided below and on the following pages.

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